Saltwater Family,  a little family of 3 born and raised from the sand up on the beautiful island of Bora Bora. It’s on this lost paradise in the south pacific that our dream of creating a clothing brand came to life. It all started as natural as when our little family came together. 

We do everything as a family, from designing to shooting and modelling the clothing line ourselves. As our daughter Kiara grew, we decided to expand and have a kids clothing line. So now Kiara is designing the girls clothing line and we design the mens, women and boys clothing line. 

We find inspiration to create unique collections from everyday life’s great moments at the beach with friends, surfing with the family or simply watching a sunset.

The possibility of inspiring the lives of others and see people connecting with our strong family values we share is the greatest feeling . 

Thank you all for the great journey we had so far and welcome to the Saltwater Family.

Ura, Moe, Kiki ;)